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Centre for Cognitive science

Cognitive Science and Research Initiative laboratories (CSRI)

Cognitive Science and Research laboratories (CSRI) established as a cognitive and memory learning research centre in the campus of Vishnu Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (VIPER), Narsapur, Telangana in the year 2015. The lab is being headed by Dr. Alluri Ramesh, Department of Pharmacology. The aim of the centre is to bridge the gap between neuro-science and life science research and understand of new moiety the pharmacological action as memory learning and enhancer. The focus of the research Centre will be to create and Screen new compounds that are purpose-built to interrupt specific memory learning processes or neuro behavior activity while avoiding harm to normal body functions.

We at CSRI working on various disciplines like Behavioral parameters, biochemical parameters, and Neuro biology to understand the current global state of neurodegenerative disorders and pharmacological screening of neuroprotective and memory enhancing molecules. The Cognitive Science and Research laboratory is playing a transformative role in the field of neuro-science research. The Centre has well sophisticated Stereotaxic facility and various in-vivo models to analyze behavioral parameters along with Co-ralyzer and Hematology Analyzer.

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