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Note about Industry Relations of Sri Vishnu Educational Society

Colleges of Sri Vishnu Educational Society are exclusive partners for most of the companies in all sectors (IT, Core, R&D etc.,) and they hire more than 3000 students every year who graduate from SVES institutions. An exclusive Industry Relations Cell of SVES is instrumental in providing diversified career opportunities for the students graduating. Read More.

The Industry Relations of SVES is one of its kind with multi-layered support system having its network of offices in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Pune, Vadodara will be in constant touch with diversified industries across the country to pursue them for placements, internships, industry - academia interaction, R&D collaborations etc.

Since the majority of manufacturing industries located their plants in nooks and corners of different parts of the country, it is impossible to engage with them throughout the year from the college or a central location. By having network of offices at Chennai, Pune and Vadodara that are bases for many manufacturing industries, SVES is able to get both employment and internship opportunities for their students in diversified companies.

Leadership is actively involved in promoting change in education and industry collaborations by taking active role in Industry Bodies such as NASSCOM, CII, and etc.

Industry Relations Team promotes not only Industry Connect but also relationship with Universities across the world under Graduate Student Abroad Center (GSAC) Initiative for providing authenticating admission support for students wanting to pursue Higher Education Opportunities, helping them tap various scholarships and educational subsidies.

SVES is uniquely created collaborations to promote mentoring of students by Industry Professionals directly such as with Microsoft - WISE, Amazon - ACMS, Flipkart and etc. All of these organizations started these initiatives with SVES, have taken them to benefit Institutions across India and Microsoft is now offering the program to students in Africa as well.

SVES organized a prestigious Women in Data Science (WiDS-Hyderabad) Conference, an initiative of Sranford University at Amazon Hyderabad with participants from 60+ Organizations.

SVES is supporting the Assistive Technology Conference being organized by Telangana State Innovation Cell.

SVES is offering Industry sponsored curriculum by associating with Industry one such example is created Computer Science in Business Systems (CSBS) branch, an interdisciplinary course between Computer Science and Business Management offered by TCS.

SVES also having MoUs with many companies (IT as well as core) in designing the industry specified curriculum, faculty development, certifications for students etc., these activities helps the students and faculty of SVES to stay ahead from their peers to be update with the latest technologies / skills.

SVES Institutions work with organizations such as PEGA, Amazon, Service Now, SalesForce on specific Academic Programs to help students get the skillset before they graduate and be ready to be productive for hiring organizations from Day-1.

Skill promotion has helped students perform consistently superior in many competitions organized by Industry which are Hackathons or coding or project competitions, SVES institutions are always among the top 10 or 20 institutions of such competition / hackathon based hiring events like Codevita (TCS), Hackwithinfy (Infosys), PEP (EPAM), NQT (TCS), InfyTQ (Infosys), NTH (Wipro), Codewars (NCR), Codediva (BNY) etc., in particular, SVES as a group produced 10% of results for TCS CodeVita from AP and Telangana regions.

During the pandemic SVES promoted online learning by partnering with Coursera, Nasscom Future Skills and edX among Students and Faculty. Approximately 12000 students and faculty members have completed 50,000 + courses in varied areas of Future Skills,Computational Skills, Languages, Fundamental Sciences and etc.

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Placements Team

Dr. Ramanjaneyulu Training and Placement officer / VIPER

 is currently the training and placement officer for VIPER. He and his team are responsible for Placements, Internships and Industry Interaction.
He has complted his PHD from Andhra university and has 12 years of experience in Training and Placements.He has good communication skills and bring most of the placements through Alumini.He organised CRT programms,Medical coding,Pharmacovigilance training,TASK,Industrail visits,Guest lectures from subject and industrail experts.

Associate Professor
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

 is currently the training and placement officer for VIPER. He and his team are responsible for Placements, Internships and Industry Interaction.

Associate Professor
Department of Pharmaceutics


K.Saikruparaj is Assistant placement officer jointly work with TPO and play a major role in bringing placements to viper.

Pharmaceutical analysis and quality assurance

Mr. Satish Paruchuri - Director, Industry Relations
Mr. Ravikiran Saili - Manager, Industry Relations
Dr. K Vamshi Krishna Varma Associate Director - Industry Relations
Mrs. Pushpa Diddi - Asst. Manager, Placements
Mr. Atul Kirdant - Industry Liaison Officer, Pune Region
Mr. Arokiadoss - Industry Liaison Officer, Tamil Nadu Region
Mr. Ramesh T S - Industry Liaison Officer, Bengaluru Region
Mr. Devendra Singh Yadav - Industry Liaison Officer, Gujarat Region