Parameters of IQAC

Various parameters are considered for Quality enhancement and monitoring of those parameters is done through monthly reports. Some of the important parameters considered by IQAC for implementation in the University are as follows:

A. Quality Education
  • Student centric teaching methodology in the class by faculty.
  • ICT facilities used in the class by the faculty.
  • Uploading the information in e-learning sites by the faculty.
  • Conduction of tutorials properly.
  • Conducting course coordinators meetings regularly for uniformity.
  • Conducting Workshops every Semester related to Core subjects.
  • Procurement of library books.
  • Quality of assignments and question papers.
  • Lesson plan verification by HOD.
  • Updating of attendance in automation System E-Cap.
  • Analysis and follow up action on internal exam of students.
  • Conducting a faculty meeting every month.
  • Conducting a staff meeting every month.
  • Conduction of Seminars & GDs.
  • Meetings conducted by various committees in which students are members.
  • Participation of students in sports & other hobby clubs.
  • Conducting counseling periodically.
  • Professional society activities.
B. Academic Infrastructure
C. Placements / Industry-Related Activities
D. Research & Development