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Mr.Venkat Jasti

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

The Missile Man of India was at our college on 16th of October 2007, his effort in making India one of the only developing countries to excel in the field of Space and Missile research was more directed to inspire all of us to dream and dream big. And one such dream of our Chairman Sri K V Vishnu Raju was the reason he was here. Dr. Kalam inaugurated VIPER and the auditorium of the college. It was a moment of pride and honor for all BVRITians to have him do the honors. Apart from the regular ceremony the students of our college also had an illustrious presentation of both Art and Science.

In the art, Students had a display dedicated to our ex-President. The student team had moments captured right from Rameshwaram to Rashtrapathi Bhavan. A picture gallery of our Founder Chairman emblazoned on one sidewall of the auditorium and along the other side we had an exhibit of the student’s art. The student’s art ranged from ideas about future India to lovely pencil sketches & paintings of many characters. It was a place to be and experience the feeling of being a BVRIT’ian.

BVRITians displayed a variety of projects on display that caught Dr. Kalam’s attention. Few of these were the projects developed indigenously by the students at BVRIT. After this brief tour of the exhibits the tiny tots of the Vishnu Public School escorted him to the main arena. The gathering more than 3000 in number was excited to see the LEGENDARY PERSONALITY. He struck the perfect chord with the younger generation.

A small cultural program and his speech followed for the day. The ex-President spoke on various issues, the crux being his very own formula for success “Dream’s Dreams and more Dreams” and how we fulfilled them. The speech was an inspiration to all the students. Dr. Kalam presented awards to the meritorious students of our college, we are very sure that it must have been a dream come true to every student who have received the award from the man himself. Last but not the least, Chairman Sir gave the memento to Dr. Kalam. It was a veena specially made in Vijayanagaram. The students on their behalf gifted a portrait of Dr. Kalam to him. He was glad to take it with him. 

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