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Innovations in Teaching and Learning

Innovations by the Faculty in Teaching and Learning

 Lecture method and Interactive learning:

 The faculty mainly uses chalk and board and audio visual aids in teaching. Students are also encouraged to actually interact during the lecture hour by getting the doubts clarified on the spot. Faculty using models, charts for interactive teaching for various subjects like 3D models demonstration for Chemistry, Unit operations, Design of drugs, Animal simulator software etc.,

 Cognitive Load Theory:

 Based on this theory a student can learn at the maximum of 7 new concepts per a session therefore, faculties are advised to plan the session accordingly.

 Project-based learning:

 Students during their 3 and 4 year, are encouraged to take-up many real time projects. They are guided by both faculty and Industry/Research experts.

 Computer-assisted learning:

 The college has required number of computers, printers, LCD projectors in learning halls. These are effectively used for teaching. The students are also encouraged to present seminars, reports/findings for their projects.

 Computer aided drug design (CADD):

 The institution has Computer aided drug design (CADD) facility with Schrodinger software. Faculty will utilise facility to explain drug receptor integrations, QSAR studies and pharmacophore modeling identification to the students.

 Mind mapping exercise:

 A mind map is a graphical way to represent ideas and concepts to the students. It is a visual thinking tool that helps structuring information, helping you to better analyze, comprehend, synthesize, recall and generate new ideas in students.

Optimization techniques using Sigma tech:

 Optimization techniques are using to explain and design the drug formulation

Best Practices 2019-20:


  1. Title of the Practice

          Drug information centre

  1. Objectives of the Practice

          The objectives / intended outcomes of this “Drug information centre” and underlying Principles or concepts of this practice (in about 100 words)?

          The objectives of this practice are to provide unbiased, well referenced and critically evaluated information on every aspect of drug use to health care professionals, patients and consumers and to promote patient care through rational use of medicines. The drug information include complete monograph of drug, therapeutic indication, drug interactions (drug – drug interactions, Food – drug interactions), recommendations to health care professionals, patients and caregivers regarding correct administration, storage of medicines, dose, dosage form, route and duration of prescribed medicines and Safety of medicines during pregnancy, lactation, pediatric and geriatric population which leads to the rational use of drug.

  1. The Context

          Challenging issues that needed to be addressed in designing and implementing Drug information centre  (In about 150 words)?

          Physicians in addition to knowing a newly approved medication its indication, benefit, risks. They must also be keep up to date on emerging information about the side effects and adverse drug reactions & drugs related information. Further, many patients doesn’t have any idea about basic drug information such what drug they have been prescribed with, how it going work? Misuse of drugs leads to various problems such as side effects, ineffectiveness, overdosage and even death. Health care providers could not share the information about the drugs to all patients as they will be busy & inundated with information, many find it task daunting & time consuming to explain the complex drug information to patients. Thus there is a definite need for a forum that can provide drug information to health care professionals on safe and effective medication-use.

  1. The Practice

          Describe the practice and its uniqueness in the context of India higher education. What were theConstraints / limitations, if any, faced (in about 400 words)?

          The Drug information centre consists of well qualified people with knowledge in drug information. The DIC works on daily basis. It has exclusive phone line, e mail contacts, Pamphlets are published in local language and distributed to all community pharmacy and private and government hospitals in Narsapur through which any one can approach for any kind of drug information. The DIC will respond to each query in the next 12 working hrs and provides necessary information. If new drug information is required necessary information are collected and communicated to concern persons.

  1. Evidence of Success

          Provide evidence of success such as performance against targets and benchmarks, review results. What do these results indicate? Describe in about 200 words.

          Drug information centre has been able to penetrate into the world of medical professionals and society. We have documented DIC reports in a prescribed format. The documentation consists of about the enquirer details, its enquiry, time of receiving and delivery of information, detailed information provided and references utilized to solve the drug related query. The information is solved by our young graduate pharmacy students checked and countersigned by a supervisor for its authenticity and appropriateness. Perform a follow-up assessment to determine the utility of the information provided and whether the information resulted in changes in medication- use practices or patient outcomes.

  1. Problems Encountered and Resources Required

          Please identify the problems encountered and resources required to implement the practice (in about 150 words).

          Pharmacists should document their services to demonstrate accountability and justify the value of pharmacist care. Increased availability of medical information, both due to increased knowledge and technological advances, has not changed the overall process of Drug information practice. It is important for pharmacists to select appropriate resources and keep current on new literature and new tools to address a variety of DI requests. Initially while setting up the DIC resources were the major issue. However now the resources such as medical and pharmaceutical books, drug database (micromedex), Medline, ejournals access and various websites have been sufficient to address the queries successfully. We have been able to reach the medical professionals and community pharmacists through various continuing pharmacy education programs conducted by Telangana State Pharmacy Council, Narsapur community pharmacist association and IPA Narsapur branch. There is a need to motivate pharmacists to use such services frequently and spread the awareness in the society.


  1. Title of the Practice

          Student Clubs

  1. Objectives of the Practice

          The objectives / intended outcomes of this “Student Clubs” and underlyingPrinciples or concepts of this practice (in about 100 words)?

          Clubs formed i.e literary club, Hogwarts club, humor club and photography club with an objective to develop habits of exploration and creative space for the future youth. It gives the students the opportunity to be in touch with recent advances in the chase of success ladder by having a sense of healthy competition among one another. It seemed very important to have interactive spaces for students enhancing their connectivity to build a more interactive environment for having the hear or say about current affairs from the academics to the talent they hold. Networking opportunities being major benefit Club members develop bond among themselves which help in growing their careers. Association of students with clubs help in showcasing ones domain interest, balance between work and hobbies.

  1. The Context

          Challenging issues that needed to be addressed in designing and implementing Student Clubs (In about 150 words)?

          The formation of these clubs always aimed for the overall development of student’s personality in precise to help them deal with what was on their way ahead including improving their interpersonal communication as well as the much required leadership skills. It helped the students imbibe the self-reliance, self-dependence and love for manual work by inculcative scientific attitude.

          The fact of having a club that focused mainly on the scientific growth among the students was as they say every simple thing is related to the world science, developing students practical application of the knowledge piled up related to different branches of science.

  1. The Practice

          Describe the practice and its uniqueness in the context of India higher education. What were the Constraints / limitations, if any, faced (in about 400 words)?

          The statistics of students participating in several events from scientific ones to cultural has shown a rise immensely these activities included elocutions, debates, seminars, cultural competitions etc. It imbibed the sense of responsibility among the students from participating, conducting as well organizing the events securing their thumbnail by showing results. Publishing articles to maintaining a bulletin board among the activities held students evolved. The value of Time management was the foremost skill that was inculcated by participating such activities.Having said that the growth lead to the increase in the participations it eventually created an environment of team work helping them stand out from the rest of the crowd .Just to keep all the chaos behind the humor club were the fascinating ones as they say it takes not even a penny to make someone smile but to the know the exact emotions it takes a good one. The photography club on the other hand was handled by professionals who made sure the talent behind the club was polished enough to give them the courage to know the right balance of the talent they hold to be used for which numerous competitions were held among the team eventually rewarding them for their best work was a pleasure.

          All of this could only be possible if an Institute believes in student’s growth Intra personal skills to academics and to our greatest honour we have such supportive management.

  1. Evidence of Success

          Provide evidence of success such as performance against targets and benchmarks, review results. What do these results indicate? Describe in about 200 words.

          Clubs plays a major during the various activities andevents such as Induction day, Webinars, Scientific conferences, workshops, guest lectures, all cultural activities, and annual sports meet, annual day & graduation day and so on at Vishnu Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (VIPER). The respective club members will be placed in various committees such as stage committee, publicity committee, creativity & decorations committee, hospitality & reception committee, registration committee, scientific  committee & cultural Committee  and ensure all the events to be a great success.Photography club has active members who are very efficient and are always available to click pictures of all the events that happen at VIPER. They are always on their toes and cover all angles of the activities and all moments of Student life at campus. While this is their major forte, they plan to bring out creative videos too.

  1. Problems Encountered and Resources Required

  Please identify the problems encountered and resources required to implement of students club (In about 150 words).

The major issue that was been seen was tackling various personality clashes and building a collaboration with them . Making them understand the ideology and value of the whole formation of these clubs and to rather implement in the way the thought holds was a deal ,Keeping the interests and discomfort of topics in mind we worked on the them by beholding certain activities that tend to improve their tackling in ease ability To our surprise we made it through by having an effective communication through club meetings and gatherings.

 The ambiguity and the information load was leading onto jumping conclusions as well as to handle the attitudinal differences between the clubs,there was a need of an experienced and authorized individual to keep the team tight, It wouldn’t have been possible unless there was a superior happen to be the backbone of each team , so there were professors  assigned to each club to keep the stability and sanity of the club that was helpful through the process. They made sure the team knows the balance of making right choices for their own good. The absolute help from the Institute where in exploration among the students ideology played the major role eventually preparing them to be their best versions for the world out their and to be chosen among the competition one beholds.


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