• Community health programme

 Blood Donation Camp

NSS Unit of the VIPER organized one day Blood Donation Camp in collaboration with ESI Hospital Hyderabath on 6th March, 2018. The camp was formally inaugurated by the Principal of College, Dr.A.Ramesh, NSS Programme Officer Mr.M.Venkatswamy along with other faculty members. Dr.VVS Rajendra Prasad and Associate professor Rajashekar took the lead by donating blood which motivated the students to come in flocks to donate their precious blood to save the lives of the needy. About 300 students along with NSS Volunteers donated their blood during the camp. At the conclusion of the camp Principal, Dr.A.Ramesh appreciated the donors for donating the blood & congratulated the organizers for successfully organizing the camp.


                                           Free Health Camp

Health is an important part of well-being. But, many communities are deprived of health clinics or hospitals because they are situated far away, and people have to travel a far distance to get medical assistance. Their poor financial conditions combined with poorer awareness on healthcare often prevent villagers to look for treatment in time. On 06th March 2018, VIPER conducted one day free medical camp at College campus in collaboration with ESI hospital Hyderabad. Free general health check-ups, blood group RH typing, free ECG and free eye check-up tests and worth of Rs 3,00,000 medicines were provided. 

                            “It was a great opportunity to us,” said by one of the villager