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Career Guidance Cell

Career guidance cell (CGC) is not a new concept and its roots can be traced back to ancient times. However, career guidance in its present form, owes its origin to the US and other developed countries. Career guidance encompasses information, guidance and counseling services to assist in making educational training and occupational choice. Career direction and counselling programmers in VIPER aim to offer assistance and advice students to name them more powerful and better informed so that they can become designers in constructing their own future. It facilitates the pupils to understand their strengths and weaknesses by imbibing self awareness, decision making skills, preparation skills, personality development etc. 

Staff Coordinators

1. Dr. A. Ramesh, Coordinator

2. Dr.VVS Rajendra Prasad, Co- Coordinator

3. Dr.K.Vanitha, Co- Coordinator

4. Mr.P.Prabhakar, Placement Officer

5. Dr. K. Ramanjaneyulu, Asst. Placement Officer

6. Mr. KVM Krishna, Asst. Placement Officer